About us

About us


The Vintner Group is an aspirational sales and marketing organization grounded firmly in fine wine principles, comprised of the wholesaler and importer The Country Vintner, the wholesaler and importer Martin Scott Wines, the wholesaler Quality Wine & Spirits, the wholesaler and importer Stacole Fine Wines, the national import operation Craft + Estate and The American Still Life Collection, a portfolio of craft spirits. Fine wine differs from commoditized wine through every step from the vineyard to the glass, and requires greater attention to detail on aspects such as vintage variation, scarcity of supply and market education, to name a few. These skills have historically been the domain of small, agile distributors that necessarily trade service for expertise, and rarely cross state lines, as alcohol commerce is regulated at the state level. The Vintner Group combines the experience gained over decades of fine wine trading, with the commitment to organizational reliability that only a larger organization can provide. Examples of this commitment include temperature-controlled handling from origin through delivery, orders processed into the evening hours for next day delivery, and Saturday deliveries in many areas. Yet, despite industry-leading technology to support accuracy and timeliness, our value proposition remains the quality of our people and the artisanal products we represent. Nearly 200 professionals provide their customers with personalized, consultative, education-driven sales and service of more than 5000 of the world’s finest and rarest wines and spirits.

Founded in 1980, The Country Vintner operates in the states of Delaware, Maryland, Washington, D.C., West Virginia, Virginia, North Carolina and South Carolina.

Founded in 1990, Martin Scott Wines operates in the states of Connecticut, New York and New Jersey.

Founded in 1998 and acquired by The Vintner Group in 2013, Quality Wine & Spirits services the state of Georgia.

Founded in 1933 and acquired by The Vintner Group in 2010, Stacole Fine Wines services the Florida and Caribbean markets.

Craft + Estate represents a collection of fine wines from around the globe, and supports The American Still Life Collection nationally.

The American Still Life Collection is a confederation of distinctive domestic craft spirits that share ideological common ground with fine wine producers.